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Arnold Schwarzenegger 6 Rules of SUCCESS

There seems to be something like a secret knowledge that is only shared in selected circles and on which the success of so many can be attributed. Arnold says he owes his success to 6 simple principles.



To achieve success, it’s essential to understand and apply the fundamental principles of success. It’s no coincidence that many of the world’s most successful individuals share similar mindsets, behaviours, expectations, and practices. A secret knowledge passed down within exclusive circles contributes to so many’s success.

Developing a successful mindset is neither complex nor exclusive to secretive societies. It involves adopting empowering beliefs and habits related to success and wealth—a capability inherent in each of us.

Consider the mindset epitomized by the individual who inspired this article: “I’ll be back!“—none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

It has long been evident to me that Arnold possesses foundational principles of success that not only propelled him to become a real estate millionaire before the age of 30 and a multi-time bodybuilding world champion but also enabled him to serve as the governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Formula for Success: 6 Rules

Arnold Schwarzenegger has already summarized his understanding and “secrets” about success in 6 simple but fundamental principles.

1. The secret of success: Have confidence in yourself

To succeed, you must cultivate trust in yourself—your knowledge, skills, and, most importantly, your grand vision. When I say “trusting yourself,” I’m not simply referring to building self-confidence, although that’s vital for personal growth.

In this context, trusting yourself means believing in your profound vision of who you want to become and what you aspire to achieve.

The first step is to delve deep within yourself to discover who you truly want to be—not just what you want to possess or accomplish, but WHO you want to embody.

The answer to this pivotal question lies within you alone. It can’t be found in external circumstances, glossy magazines, Instagram feeds, or the expectations of others, including your parents.

Many people mistakenly believe that they must decide what they want to be at some point in life, often equating this with choosing a career path. However, this mindset is a silent killer of success!


Because successful individuals don’t merely pursue “professions”—they pursue callings! At first glance, this distinction might seem subtle, but it can determine the difference between failure and success, between dissatisfaction and fulfillment in life.

True success blossoms when you align your actions with who you are becoming as a person and what you aspire to achieve in this lifetime. This is an unwritten law of achievement!

So, start by asking yourself, “What brings me genuine happiness?” Remember, this question is yours to answer, irrespective of how unconventional your response may seem to others. It’s not about meeting others’ expectations or conforming to external standards.

This is YOUR life and YOUR decision about who you want to be, what you want to create, and whether you choose to trust in these expansive visions of yourself.

2. The secret of success: break the rules

The second crucial rule for success, as articulated by Arnold Schwarzenegger in the video, can be summarized as follows: “To achieve greatness, you must think and act extraordinarily.”

“You have to think outside the box!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

To truly stand out and achieve success, you cannot simply blend in with the crowd by adhering strictly to social, cultural, or community norms without drawing attention to yourself.

Success doesn’t require breaking the law, but it does involve understanding and following certain guidelines. The key lies in learning from role models through a process known as model learning, where we acquire skills and abilities by observing and emulating those we admire.

Why are most only “average successful.”

Model learning is also a great thing, but the vast majority of people use it “ineffectively.” Instead of choosing role models that would support them in realizing their dreams and visions, they “cling” to the guidelines of their social environment and only try to meet the expectations and ideas of others. The result of this successful strategy is to be an apparent average!

So, instead of realizing themselves and their dreams, they start “swimming with the stream,” even if it leads them to a completely different goal. “Breaking the rules” means something like occasionally swimming against the current!

“What is the point of being on this Earth if you are going to be like everyone else?” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

You don’t have to become a “snatched lunatic” who doesn’t want to have anything to do with anything or anyone. However, you have to become someone who decides for yourself which rules & guidelines he/she imposes and then complies with. And not for the good of others, but the product of his success!

3. The secret of success: Don’t be afraid to fail

It was Thomas Edison, who once said: “I didn’t fail; I just found 10,000 ways that it didn’t work!” Exactly such an attitude is another part of a real winner and secret number 3 of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s success.

The idea of failing with something, be it your planned diet, the attempt to build an online business, or just speaking to an attractive woman, paralyzes many people and thus automatically closes the path to success. For many, the fear of failure is like the eternal companion that prevents them from realizing their potential and reaching their exact size.

“You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure, or you would never push yourself!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

It’s just that we can’t always win. Without exception, each of us has suffered one or two setbacks or failures in our lives. What the hell? It’s called life! That’s OK!

However, many allow through such failures that “fear of failure” becomes part of their mindset. They begin to disregard the number 1 secret of trust (trust in yourself) and instead allow their inner voice or critic to sabotage them on the way to success.

The inner critic often poses the most significant obstacle on the path to success.

The inner voice can persistently undermine your courage, making it challenging to make decisions and take action. However, it would be best if you never let the fear of failure become the primary barrier between you and your dreams. Confront it head-on, and you’ll discover the strength to move forward.

In every endeavour, it’s crucial to be prepared for the possibility of failure. Only when you’re unprepared for failure, and it hits you hard, can it potentially derail you and shatter your “winner mindset” permanently.

However, if you accept failure as a natural part of life and your pursuits, it loses its power to impact you or your psyche.

The fear of failure often stems from a mistaken mindset, which may operate at a subconscious level.

Feelings of sluggishness, laziness, or unproductiveness might mask underlying fears of failure, indicating that the genuine issue lies within your mindset.

Correct this mindset by fostering unwavering belief in yourself and your vision. Success is not a question of if but when it will manifest.

4. The secret of success: Don’t listen to the naysayers

Allowing your inner critic to hinder your success is challenging enough. Still, it’s equally damaging to let the doubts and criticisms of others derail you from pursuing your calling and unlocking your potential!

We’ve all encountered these individuals—the perpetual naysayers, pessimists, and energy-drainers! Each of us has felt the sting of disapproval or negative talk when sharing our ideas or dreams.

“You’ll never succeed in that,” “Forget about it,” “That’s just wishful thinking,” “What nonsense is this?” “Keep it simple”…

I won’t dwell on the toxic mindset of such people or how they only harm themselves with their words as long as you don’t give them power over you.

However, allowing someone else to dictate why you can’t achieve a goal or live a dream is one of the most foolish things one can do. Relying on someone else for your happiness and fulfillment is simply irrational, don’t you agree?

So, stop heeding those who try to convince you that you’re not capable or that your dreams are unattainable. They don’t deserve your attention! Instead, surround yourself with supportive individuals who believe in your potential and encourage you to pursue your goals.

Most importantly, start believing in yourself and your ability to achieve your dreams, no matter how wild or improbable they may seem to others (the first secret of success).

5. The secret of success: Work as hard as you can.

This rule stands as the most crucial and yet, it’s straightforward: ‘From nothing, nothing comes!’ There’s no way around hard work when striving for your goals. Anything worth achieving demands effort, time, work, and sometimes, patience! It’s a natural law, much like gravity.

Remember, the principle of ‘No pain, no gain’ isn’t just a saying; it’s an undeniable truth. It emphasizes the essential role of hard work and discipline on the path to success.

So be prepared to navigate a challenging journey on your way to realizing your dreams. Many qualities define a person with a ‘winning mindset,’ and one of the most critical is discipline!

An essential quality for success

Simply ‘working on something’ versus ‘working disciplined on something’ represent two entirely different approaches. If your aim is to succeed and earn money online, dedicating just one hour per week won’t cut it.

Like any aspiration or objective, the initial step is making the commitment to give your all in realizing those dreams.

Only when you’re ready to adhere to the principles of success and prioritize working through weekends instead of socializing with friends or going out, does ‘hard work’ truly become an invaluable mindset ally. This is when you grasp the essence of ‘No pain, no gain!’

Remember: ‘While others are celebrating or idling, there’s always someone out there diligently pursuing their goals!’ Ultimately, that someone emerges as the victor.”

6. The secret of success: Give something back

No matter which path you take in life and which successes you achieve, you must never forget to give something back. I guarantee that in life, you will find no greater satisfaction than sincerely helping others with what you can do, what you know, or who you are.

Few things fill you as much as the knowledge that you have helped someone else or that you have inspired or motivated something. The thanks of this person and the fulfillment they feel is worth more than all the money in the world.

For this reason, when striving for success, you should always be careful that success alone does not lead to fulfillment and that everything you do should still contribute to the common good even if it’s just a little bit.

In short: “Success/money alone does not make you happy! “So make sure that you share your success with others by giving something back to your friends, those around you, or those in need.

Only in this way can you become someone who reaches people beyond success and plays a real role in their lives. To someone who not only managed to achieve what they want to make but to someone who is an actual role model for others.

Learn and Internalize the Rules of Success and the Wisdom of Successful Individuals

To achieve success, dedicate yourself to studying the rules of success and embracing the profound wisdom shared by accomplished individuals.

Arnold Schwarzenegger represents much more to me than just an actor or action hero. He is a role model from whom I’ve gleaned six secrets of success.

With his iron discipline and adherence to these principles, he has achieved unparalleled success.

Whether your aspirations involve building a thriving online business or pursuing a deeply fulfilling endeavor, incorporating these six success secrets into your mindset can pave the way for realizing your dreams, goals, and visions—just as they did for Arnold.

Life wisdom encapsulates the knowledge that extraordinarily successful individuals have distilled for future generations.

It serves as a wellspring of inspiration and motivation, guiding us not only in matters of success but also in navigating life’s complexities, embracing love and friendship, confronting challenges, and fostering personal growth.

In this article, you’ll discover a treasure trove of such wisdom—pearls of insight that can empower you to unleash your full potential and seize opportunities for growth and achievement.