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The 13 principles of success Bob Proctor personal insights

In the Preamble of the book Think and Grow Rich Napoleon Hill said there is actually a secret in this book. And he said if you can find the secret in the book, you can have anything you can seriously want.



This introduction is going to give you a summary of the 13 principles of success by Bob Proctor’s personal insights

There is intelligence that permeates every atom of matter and embraces every unit of energy perceptible.

This infinite intelligence converts acorns to oak trees, causes water to flow downhill in response to the law of gravity, and follows night with day and winter with summer.

This intelligence may, through the principles of this philosophy, be induced to aid in transmuting desires into concrete or material form.

But does it really work in the real world?

There’s only one way to find out.

Hello and welcome. You are here because you were supposed to be here.

You’re in the right place at the right time. There are no accidents in this whole universe. Everything operates in an orderly way.

You’ve been wandering around. I will imagine with the desire inside that you really want to improve any or all the areas in your life.

What you will read and hear in the video will enable you to change that.

This is all about you; it’s not about me. I am going to share information with you that originated way back in 1908 from the wealthiest man in the world at the time, Andrew Carnegie.

He commissioned a young reporter to write and find the laws that govern success.

There were successful people, himself, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison. Some of the giants we look at in history as names will live forever.

And he said it was a shame that these people are going to go to their graves with all this knowledge locked up in their bones.

And he said I think it should be recorded. So that young man, Napoleon Hill took Carnegie’s challenge and he went and worked at that until 1928 when he wrote the laws of achievements.

And then in 1937 from it came the book one of the greatest selling books of all time Think and Grow Rich and in that book, he pointed out after all these years research, he found that there were 30 major causes of failure but there were only 13 ideas that contributed to a person accumulating a fortune or enjoying real success.

One of the things I found interesting is at the end of the 30 major causes of failure he puts 31 he said if I’ve missed any you can fill this in.

And I would imagine there’s someone has filled that in.

So, I want you to really pay close attention. This is not an ordinary film that you will be watching.

These are not ordinary ideas. These ideas are coming from 57 years of focused study by Bob Proctor and tens and tens of years by Napoleon Hill.

But it is really the composite of the greatest minds that ever lived.

Because he did research with these people for so long kept picking their brains and became very close friends with them.

And what caused them to do many of the things they were doing, the ideas that got the Wright brothers off the ground, and enabled Henry Ford to build the car he built.

These ideas are the ideas that you can have and you can use them.

The famous 13  principles of success

Let’s delve deeper into Bob Proctor’s story and how it reflects the principles of success outlined in “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

Bob Proctor’s journey embodies many of the fundamental principles of success, emphasizing the importance of mindset, belief, and decisive action. Here’s a detailed exploration of how these principles manifest in his approach:

1. Desire and Decision: Bob Proctor’s pivotal moment came when he made a bold decision to build a global company, despite not knowing exactly how to achieve it. This demonstrates the power of desire and decisive decision-making in shaping one’s destiny. Proctor’s story underscores the idea that a strong desire coupled with a firm decision sets the stage for profound transformation and accomplishment.

2. Faith and Belief: Central to Proctor’s philosophy is the unwavering faith in one’s vision and the belief in the possibility of its realization. Even when faced with uncertainty or challenges, maintaining steadfast belief in the eventual achievement of your goals is essential. Proctor likely emphasizes cultivating a mindset of certainty and conviction, aligning closely with Napoleon Hill’s teachings on faith and belief as catalysts for success.

3. Visualization and Imagination: Proctor’s approach likely incorporates visualization and imagination techniques advocated by Hill. Visualizing your desired outcomes vividly and consistently helps to imprint them on the subconscious mind, fostering a deep sense of expectancy and confidence. By leveraging the power of imagination, individuals can program their minds for success and attract the resources and opportunities needed to manifest their goals.

4. Action and Persistence: While mindset and belief are foundational, Proctor’s story highlights the critical importance of taking persistent action towards your goals. Success is not merely about dreaming; it requires consistent effort and resilience in the face of obstacles. Proctor’s journey likely underscores the principle of persistence, aligning with Hill’s emphasis on sustained action as a key driver of success.

5. The Secret: Proctor hints at the existence of a “secret” within “Think and Grow Rich,” suggesting that those who discover and apply it have achieved extraordinary success. This secret likely encompasses the core principles outlined by Hill, such as the mastery of mindset, the alignment of thoughts with goals, and the unwavering pursuit of one’s vision. Proctor’s approach emphasizes the idea that success is accessible to those who diligently apply these principles and remain committed to their aspirations.

In summary, Bob Proctor’s story serves as a compelling illustration of how the principles articulated in “Think and Grow Rich” can be applied to achieve remarkable success. By cultivating a clear vision, nurturing unshakeable belief, employing visualization techniques, taking persistent action, and tapping into the transformative insights of Hill’s teachings, individuals like Proctor can transcend limitations and manifest extraordinary outcomes in their lives and endeavors. Proctor’s philosophy underscores the notion that success is not merely a matter of chance but a deliberate journey guided by the timeless principles of mindset mastery and purposeful action.

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