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8 Tips from Jeff Bezos for Successful Entrepreneurs

This was his ability, knowing how to overcome difficult moments and use these 8 strategies that he now gives you like advice that can shed light on your personal motivation for entrepreneurship.



These tips from Jeff Bezos serve as a model for many entrepreneurs. Founder of, founder of the aerospace company Blue Origin, owner of The Washington Post, and currently the world’s richest man, has reached unprecedented heights of success.

But what goes on in mind behind this level of superhuman success? How does the way he thinks distinguish you?

What did Jeff Bezos, do to create such a successful and profitable company? What skills did this entrepreneur have who decided to give up the financial world and his millions of dollars to dedicate himself to his business idea?

The following are 8 tips from Jeff Bezos that can shed light on your personal motivation for entrepreneurship.

Jeff Bezos’ advice for entrepreneurs:

Tip 01:

“Big things start small. The largest oak tree begins with a seed ”.

Even the most gigantic empire begins as a mere whisper in a person’s mind. With this phrase, one of the best pieces of advice of Jeff Bezos is born.

Before starting, Bezos was working in a quantitative hedge fund. So he left the comfort of a well-paying job, and with high personal motivation, he started a small online business that originally sold books out of his garage.

He chose the whisper of the dream about the life with which he was satisfied. Therefore, he chose the great over the good. He had a vision.

Tip 02:

“Do something that you are passionate about and don’t try to pursue what is the hottest passion of the day.”

One of Jeff Bezos’s advice says listen to that passion that you have within you. Let it be the force to guide you. Trends are a flash in the pan, but deep passion lasts.

The legacy is built on long-term sustained production in the world. A love for what you do is the fuel to create something that lasts.

Chasing others will only turn you into a copycat. Follow that call within you and be the creator.

Tip 03:

“You can have a job, or you can have a career, or you can have a vocation. And the best thing is to have a vocation. So if you find your passion, you will have it, and all your work will not seem like work ”.

Find that thing that has juice for you, which increases your personal motivation. What gives you life when you think about it? Find those things in your life that bring you intensely positive emotion. This is another of Jeff Bezos’ good advice for entrepreneurs.

At the end of your life, you will never regret taking advantage of that great idea you had.

Tip 04:

“’s mission and vision are: ‘Our vision is to be the most customer-centric company on earth; to build a place where people can find and discover anything they want to buy online.”

Jeff Bezos built his entire Amazon empire around this simple mission statement.

In addition to high motivation, clearing a clear vision of your destiny that you can record in your subconscious will allow you to build a solid foundation for your career.

When that destination is obvious in your mind, noticing that you are not moving toward it will create a negative emotion that will force you on your way.

Tip 05:

“I have made billions of dollars in failure at Literally billions … They don’t matter. ” “A few big hits make up for dozens and dozens of things that didn’t work.”

Failing a thousand times is one of Jeff Bezos’ advice.

It is important to at least aim; even if you miss wildly with your first hit, you will gain valuable knowledge with each subsequent shot to help you get closer to your mark.

You can’t let failures get the best of you, instead celebrate your successes, let those be your main driving force.

Tip 06:

“If you can’t tolerate critics, don’t do anything new or interesting. Then think how wonderful your life will be. “

Within Jeff Bezos’ advice, he jokingly comments on the importance of taking others’ critical words lightly.

There will always be someone who does not see eye to eye regarding your vision and what you are trying to do. Breaking down walls attracts all kinds of attention, both positive and negative.

Whenever you measure yourself by others’ opinions, you make yourself vulnerable because they are not objective in your views.

People’s perspectives are based on where they are, not where you are. Consequently, do what he calls you and put aside the opinions of others.

Tip 07:

“In the end, we are our choices. Make a great story. “

The story that we allow to play and reinforce in our minds will inspire the actions we take. So, having a destination mapped out in advance allows you to make smooth and logical decisions in that direction.

Therefore, the story that we narrate in our minds and continually reinforce creates the foundation for every choice we make. Write a good one.

Tip 08:

“When I’m happy at work, I come home with more energy. I am a better husband. A better dad. And when I’m happy at home, I have a better boss and a better colleague ”.

Happiness is a vital piece of improving your relationships at home, greatly improving your work life, and increasing your overall energy. Being happy and enjoying the moments is another of Jeff Bezos’ advice.

Happiness at home will also allow you to elevate those loved ones in your life and fully appreciate them; Bezos sees that.

Happiness creates clarity, patience, flexibility, and vitality. Not to mention, happy people are much nicer. This being the case, the true juice of life is the happiness found on the road to success.

There is no difference between you and someone who is super successful other than the way they think.

That being the case, a few small long-term changes today can make huge positive changes in your life.

If you can install the same mental frame of someone you admire and want to be, you will experience the same results. You are always your biggest investment; make it count.

So what do you think of Jeff Bezos’ advice?

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